Anonymous: Hi! I'm Muslim and I want to know how I can become a better Muslim. I feel like I'm a terrible Muslim because I don't pray five times a day, wear hijab, and I also can't completely speak Arabic or read or write it. Lol so I obviously can't read from the Quran. I'm terribly busy with school and that always get in the way of my praying but it shouldn't. I don't have sex, murder, rape, drink, or do drugs. My mom doesn't wear hijab but I think I want to after I finish college. How can I improve?

I’m glad you haven’t murdered or Well the Prophet Muhammad pbuh said “simplicity is part of faith.” So work on the simple stuff for now, don’t worry about not knowing Arabic, just memorize the suras you need to pray. Work on praying, read quran (even if it’s in English), continue to not rape and kill lol. Also, I don’t think you should call yourself a terrible Muslim, just say you’re a Muslim who’s improving on their deen ;-). I’ll try to make dua that Allah swt eases your struggle inshallah.

Anonymous: America is not a Muslim country, if Christians are welcome in your countries why should you be welcomed here. Go back to where you are wanted!

America is a nation filled with people of all religions and people with no religious affiliation. I’m American born and raised so America is as much my country as it’s yours. Also, who said Christians aren’t allowed into my parents home country of Lebanon?? 40.5% of the Lebanese population is Christian.

“ Forty percent of Muslims say they have a college degree or more, compared to the 29 percent of Americans overall. Muslim women in America… are statistically likely as Muslim men to hold college or postgraduate degrees. Muslim women also report monthly household incomes more or nearly equal to men’s, compared to women and men in other faith groups. ”


Dr. John Esposito, The Future of Islam

Because we’re oppressed, right?

Because we’re married young and just have babies, right?

Because we’re subjected to a patriarchal faith, right?

Because we’re uneducated, right?


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The Islamic Sunday School I teach at is held within the building of a local high school. I happen to hold my 1st grade class in a history classroom and there’s a huge poster with all the flags of the world. During our break, one of my students, Zeinab, went up to this poster and started to look for the flag of her country. I watched as she searched tirelessly for it. After a few minutes she turned around and asked if I could help her look for the Palestinian flag. I panicked because I didn’t know how I would explain to this innocent 6 year old Palestinian girl why her flag wasn’t on this poster while that of the rest of her classmate’s were. I helped her look for the flag and after a few minutes more, she said, “It’s okay teacher. They forget to put mine up sometimes and I don’t know why. Maybe next time they’ll remember.” For this beautiful young girl to have to grow up and learn about the atrocities her country has faced and is still facing makes me ashamed of the world we live in. I am ashamed to live in a world that allows the deprivation of a homeland, a normal life, a safe environment to thrive and grow to a specific group of people. I am ashamed to live in a world that allows for the taking away of the basic human rights we all deserve. I am ashamed to look this girl in the eye and stumble upon my own words as she asks me, “Teacher, why do they keep forgetting my flag?”

I don’t get why black girls get a lot of hate. There’s a lot of gorgeous black girls.

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